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As companies come to terms with the fact they are missing out on work because of a shortage of talent, the construction industry is awakening to the benefits of employing contractors on a short term or project-to-project basis. Contracting is an important part of the construction industry overseas and New Zealand companies are catching on quickly to the benefits of hiring good talent on a contract basis.

Tailor Talent offers a managed contracting service for professionals seeking higher income, greater flexibility or variety than what a full-time role offers.

The premise is simple: businesses get top skills and experience as and when required, while our contractors get flexibility and fair remuneration for what they bring to the table. Tailor Talent vets and manages the contractors, negotiates and clarifies the brief to avoid any misunderstanding, and manages each booking by ensuring each party keeps to the agreement.

Serving as a trusted intermediary, Tailor Talent brings clarity, accountability and equity to the hiring of contractors within the construction and engineering industries.

This is how we do it

  • We find you the work — you pick the projects you take on.
  • We negotiate the rates on your behalf, back you up if issues arise and ensure the client sticks to the job description throughout the contract.
  • We guarantee payment to our contractors and chase the clients on your behalf — No time or sleep lost chasing invoices again!
  • We work in partnership with you — being represented by Tailor Talent does not stop you working directly for your existing clients.
  • We are selective about who we represent. Our focus is to represent only the top 15% of contractors in the industry at any given time. Being represented by Tailor Talent means our reputation helps build your reputation (and vice versa).

If you’re interested in finding out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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