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Melanie Dawson

Founder & Director | Senior Search Consultant

Hi, I’m Melanie Dawson, the founder and Director of Tailor Talent. I’ve got close to 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, most of that in construction.

The construction industry changes the world we live in and the work we do changes peoples’ lives. Helping people navigate their careers is a big responsibility and one I take very seriously.

My first internal recruitment job was at Fletcher Construction where I fell in love with the construction industry. It was the first time I’d stepped foot on a construction site and I was fascinated. It took me back to my childhood, watching my Dad potter away on his own building projects, albeit on a much smaller scale! I spent a lot of weekends following him around B&Q (the English equivalent of Bunnings or Mitre 10 Mega).

I’ve always been interested in architecture and buildings and my husband recently changed jobs to become a Site Manager so my life revolves around the construction industry.

While I was at Fletchers I was headhunted to head up a recruitment campaign for Housing New Zealand (or Kainga Ora as it is now) as part of the LookSeeBuild campaign. We targeted highly skilled professionals from the UK, Ireland, UAE and Canada to assist them in becoming ‘New Zealand-ready’. I ran the entire process and that gave me the confidence I needed to go out on my own.

I started Tailor Talent in 2019 to offer a dedicated service to a select number of clients. The goal was to build long term relationships and that’s still a priority for me. I like to get my feet muddy and visit client sites whenever I can. It’s important to see the projects our clients are working on and to get an understanding of the environment and the culture of the organisation. The more information we have, the better we can sell their company and the roles they are recruiting for.

When I’m not running Tailor Talent, I’m kept busy looking after our new baby girl Sophia and walking our two dogs. I like to unwind by cooking a good meal, enjoying a glass of wine and listening to some music with family and friends.

Senior Search Consultant | Contract & Permanent Talent